Hosting & Cloud Services

Hosting and Cloud Computing

Reduce costs and minimize complexity


Hosting and cloud computing is a common business services used by small and medium size organizations, to make their own website, email, server or application accessible via internet.

itgroup® provides range of hosting and cloud services to help your business minimize costs and maximize service availability. Our datacenter is managed by certified professionals; that gives us ability to provide our customres with high realibility and 99.95% up time guarantee.


Types of hosting & cloud services

  • Website or Email hosting – Reduce costs and increase availability of your web and email services.
  • Remote backup space – Protect your business data without investing in backup solutions.
  • Virtual IP PBXEquip Equipe your business with cost saving thus effective telephony technologie.
  • Cloud ComputingEnable clients to host critical business applications on reliable virtual servers and eliminate cost of maintenance.

Advantages of hosting & cloud services

  • No need to spend on hardware and maintenance.
  • Service availability 24/7.
  • Hosted data security and integrity.
  • Service flexibility to meet business requirements.