Managed Environment 360

Managed Environment 360


All-in-one IT management solution!


itgroup® has developed Managed Environment 360 for small organizations with less than 70 users, which are looking for comprehensive IT management solution.

We have invested in sophisticated tools and developed custom processes to protect your data, keep your computer systems reliable and your employees productive. Our strong commitment to preventative maintenance is a big reason we stand apart from our competitors.

We will take care of everything, from the network infrastructure management to day-to-day user support. Our smooth migration process quickly moves your organization to new business model and shows results. With Managed Environment 360 you’ll be able to avoid IT hassles and focus your talent on mission-critical tasks.


Managed Environment 360 provides:

  • Day-to-day user support
  • Workstation/Laptop maintenance
  • Server and network management
  • Pinter/copier/fax supply ordering
  • Antivirus protection and network security
  • Internet access and VPN monitoring
  • Equipment auditing and relocation
  • 3rd party IT provider supervision
  • Technology consulting and reporting
  • And much more…