Managed Security

Managed Security

Don’t give a chance to a potential threat


Managed Security from itgroup® is a recruiting process of managing customers information security needs. Managed security service ensures that customers IT infrastructure is secured from internet attacks, information stealing, phishing and viruses. itgroup® will monitor and manage customer’s intrusion detection systems, virtual private networks (VPN) and firewalls, oversee upgrades and patch management, perform vulnerability tests, security assessments, and audits.

Scheduled Services:

  • Optimizes security systems for the best performance
  • Delivers critical software and patch updates
  • Performs security audits and vulnerability tests
  • Protects business data from stealing


Proactive monitoring:

  • Leads network to maintain security and business data integrity
  • Checks security systems to determine protection functionality
  • Tracks internet attacks and potential security threats


Threat processing:

  • Detects threats and notifies network operation center to isolate
  • Investigates threat sources and manages relevant actions


Service Desk:

  • Manages security device configuration changes and upgrades